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10k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring (1 cttw I-J Color I2-I3 Clarity) Sale.

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Diamond Clarity:
There is no same diamond of any two . The inclusions , the most distinguishing feature of the diamond is the mark that are invisible to the naked eye often . However , they can seem like a cloud crystal , or river , a small under the microscope or loupe jeweler . Meaning the more clearly the intervention of the few - they how look and will be determined by the presence or absence of inclusions clarity of a diamond . Clarity of diamond big , big value and its luster . There is no inclusions classified diamond perfectly internally , but this is very rare .

Diamond Color :
It has been considered that diamond has come in a wide range of colors , but colorless diamond of the most valuable traditionally . Most of the diamond has been graded in grade , scale , best by using the letters of the alphabet from D ( colorless ) through the ( pale yellow ) Z. As long as it is compared Side By Side stone , the color of the untrained eye is aware of such variations is difficult .

Diamond Carat Weight :
The weight of the diamond is equivalent to be one carat 100 points , and is measured in carat . I you can see the diamond called diamond of 75 points or 3/4-carat stone frequently . In many cases , a large stone , will be highly appreciated more , but should not be considered the only size - High brightness highly desirable diamond different transparency , cut , by the color grade .

Diamond Certification:
The certificate of the diamond , the stone that you purchase , represents independent verification that you have all the qualities of weight , which is expected to cut , color , clarity , shape, and . It is an indication of further value and condition of the diamond represented on our site . Some institutions to adopt the gemologists who have received advanced training issued , such certificates , which provides accurate assessment of fair and diamond . Its size , clarity , cut, color , finish , symmetry , and gemologists These scrutinize each stone to analyze other details .
Diamond you purchase from Collection , is certified by the International Gemological Institute or Gemological Institute of America . The type of certificate that is provided , it will be noted in the product specifications for the purchase of your jewelry , you have pointed out , if the type of certificate is not , and should not cause that one is provided .

Diamond policy of the Company : source , high quality diamonds from some of the world's largest suppliers of . Prove that all suppliers diamond is not a conflict diamond diamond of their knowledge of the best of them .

Diamond Care :
Diamonds , as the hardest substance , are resistant to damage on the planet . However , diamond jewelry , which is set in different metals , care is different each work from work . Diamond , you must use a gentle scrubbing brush to remove any stains and washed with ammonia solution of one part to six parts water . It's put it at the time it was possible that they washed once a year by a professional jeweler , security settings to confirm as well is a good idea . Must be stored in bags soft cloth to ensure that no scratch other gems stone diamond jewelery .
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